Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Luxury vinyl is easy to install and even easier to clean. You can have the look of hardwood or stone flooring that is warmer and more comfortable to walk on. What’s even better is most luxury vinyl is water, scratch, and scuff resistant. You can choose to install luxury vinyl floors anywhere in your home including bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Vinyl Flooring Trends


Wood look luxury vinyl is a popular trend right now. Not only can you get the look of hardwood in your home with luxury vinyl, but you also have the added durability of a resilient floor. You do not have to worry about refinishing a wood look luxury vinyl floor. 

Vinyl Plank, Tile or Sheet

waterproof luxury vinyl ,spc rigid core

Vinyl tile flooring is a durable alternative to ceramic and porcelain tile.

Vinyl Plank flooring is a durable alternative to hardwood and laminate.

Sheet vinyl flooring limits the seams on the surface of the floor.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring


Luxury vinyl flooring features many benefits that you will not find with its natural counterparts. They are warmer, more durable, and easier to clean than other flooring options.

Wood Look Vinyl Flooring


Wood look luxury vinyl is a popular trend right now among homeowners. Get the same looks of hardwood but with the added benefit of them being luxury vinyl.

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl


Not all luxury vinyl floors are waterproof, but there are some options that do have a waterproof construction. Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is great for kitchens and bathrooms.

Vinyl Flooring Guide


Why Should I choose Vinyl Flooring ?

Vinyl flooring has been around for generations and offers an elegant appearance and an enduring value. Nothing brings style, durability and comfort together quite like vinyl - and, at an affordable price.

Because of today’s technology, the best vinyl flooring has options unique and trendy with finishes that  resemble wood, tile and stone. Cutting-edge technologies and digital design make natural looking textures and great visual depth possible.

Can vinyl plank flooring look as real as hardwood or tile?

Vinyl flooring has made significant improvements over the years and today it can mimic some of the most popular flooring options. You also have the option to select vinyl plank flooring or vinyl tiles, which, when installed, give the same pattern appearance as individual hardwood planks.

Nothing brings style, durability and comfort together quite like today’s vinyl. That flooring in your kitchen may look like expensive hardwood. But it’s actually vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank flooring, also known as vinyl wood flooring, is the perfect diverse material for any space.

Hardwood can add a beautiful elegance to any space. But, it often comes at a cost, as hardwood is one of the more expensive flooring options available. Today’s latest in luxury vinyl tile and luxury plank flooring is a solution for many homeowners. After all, vinyl plank flooring combines the beauty and character of hardwood with the affordability and durability of vinyl flooring.

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Easy to install, affordable, and suitable for nearly every style, luxury vinyl flooring is inspired by nature and engineered by innovation.  Gone are the days when “waterproof” flooring meant the faded linoleum in your grandparents’ bathroom. Today’s luxury vinyl flooring is made to capture the coveted looks of luxurious hardwood, tile, ad stone, with a watertight core only a synthetic product can provide.